Gone are the days when Instagram was a platform full of just filtered pictures of your lunch outings and pets. Instagram is an extremely important creative tool for artists and designers to use as a way of cataloguing their portfolio as well as expanding their networks. From painters, illustrators, typographers and contemporary crafters to animators and 3D designers – everyone needs to have an Instagram page to show off their creative niche so if you haven’t got one you better get on board.

Here is a list of 10 super cool typographic artists that I think you should follow to bring some motivation and pure creative fuel to your Insta feed.

1. Timothy Goodman


This New York based multitalented artist exhibits his artistic flair in his well-curated Insta feed – His endless projects including the publication of the book ’40 Days of Dating’ with the fellow designer, Jessica Walsh and ‘Quotes on Shit’ prove that Goodman’s Instagram feed is a great hub for inspiration. He has also collaborated with Target, Google and Airbnb.

2. Jon Contino


Self-proclaimed as an ‘Alphastructaesthetitologist’, Jon Contino is a jack of many trades from advertising, typography, illustration, apparel design to being an overall a branding consultant. By following his Instagram feed, you will get consistent creative inspiration from the guy who has done it all. He has even tattooed someone with no experience of tattooing whatsoever – The sign of a true artist 😉

A photo posted by Jon Contino (@joncontino) on

A photo posted by Jon Contino (@joncontino) on

3. Andreas M Hansen


Designer and typographer, Andreas M Hansen’s speciality is a sleek and sharp type which you can see through his sophisticated designs of bold black against white backgrounds. Andreas specialises in branding, web design and calligraphy. He is also Head of Design at AIRTAME in his hometown of Copenhagen. Keep up to date with him on Instagram and check out his shop here.

4. Sean McCabe


Don’t miss out on checking out Sean McCabe’s Instagram profile where in one half you will explore inspiring design focusing on typography and the other half provides eloquent advice on the creative industry. Sean also has a full online course on lettering and a ton of free tutorials.

A photo posted by Sean McCabe (@seanwes) on

A photo posted by Sean McCabe (@seanwes) on

5. Steven Harrington


Illustrative designer and influencer, Steven Harrington’s specialty is sharp bold lines and strong use of colours which create amazing thought provoking, playful illustrations. He has been quoted as being the ‘leader of a contemporary Californian psychedelic-pop aesthetic’ by Highsnobriety. Follow his dynamic designs and occasional evaluation pictures on his awesomely curated Instagram account or on his website.

6. Luke Choice


Luke Choice of Velvet Spectrum has some serious digital talent. His illustrations, typographic work and animations are playful and jammed with imagination. Alongside independent projects, he has also collaborated with large brands like Nike, American Express and Ray Ban.

7. Prose Appropos


The inspiring Instagram feed of Stephen Power is an unlimited supply of witty design works for hand-painted murals and signs. His use of bold shapes and typography create playful stories will provide you with plenty of inspiration. Check out his work on sale at First and Fifteenth.

8. Erik Marinovich


Working with high profile clients like Google, Nike, Facebook and Target along with being the co-founder Friends of Type, Erik Marinovich is one awesome lettering artist that you should be following on Instagram. Erik is also a co-founder of Title Case, a workspace for workshops and lectures about lettering.

9. Joshua Noom


Joshua Noom’s Instagram page is an awesome place to explore how he wonderfully creates a marriage between bold illustration and hand-crafted typography. Also don’t forget to check out his iPhone wallpapers and colouring book pages on this website.

A photo posted by Joshua Noom (@joshuanoom) on

A photo posted by Joshua Noom (@joshuanoom) on

10. Amadeus Malmén


Typographer Amadeus Malmén shows his artistry in motion and dimension with 3D designs that pop. He is currently studying Interactive Art Direction in Stockholm. Join him on Instagram or check his website out here.

A photo posted by Amadeus Malmén (@amadeuces) on

A photo posted by Amadeus Malmén (@amadeuces) on


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