9 Goal Setting Tools to Help You Succeed

9 Goal Setting Tools to Help You Succeed

You can, of course, use an old-fashioned paper and pen to map out your goals but what if you had a more convenient way to get organised on the go?

Today there are so many wonderful online tools and software that can help make goal setting fun and easy – When something is fun and easy, you’re more likely to stick to it and what is more important than that when running a business?

Here are 9 really great apps to help keep you on track with your business goals:


Goal-Buddy – Using this cloud-based software you can name, set, and manage your goals easily. It leads you step-by-step through questions for what your goals are so that they are S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely) goals. Then you can use the system to track your goals through milestones that you set as the days go by.

Mint – If you need to get control over your finances, want to set up goals such as establishing a six-month emergency savings account, start a business and other goals, you can use this software to track your financial success and projections.

Basecamp – This is really a project management system, but any goal has to have actionable steps involved or milestones and tasks to take to reach success. You can use Basecamp for any type of actionable steps and it will even email you a reminder to do the task. This can work with your business life or personal life.

Google Calendar – Where were we before Google Calendar came along? Unorganised, that’s for sure! This is such a handy calendar that you can use for the most important areas of your life. Be it family, personal, financial or physical you can set your goals and work your way back inserting actionable steps and tasks to do each day. You can then let it email you a daily task list so you never leave anything out.

Asana – If you need somewhere to track individual projects Asana is for you. It is designed for teams to keep track of their work but there is no reason why it can’t solely be used just for you to track your own progress. You can set up various projects under one roof and even integrate with other software like Dropbox and Chrome. I personally use Asana and have integrated it with Google Calendar which then integrates with iCal so that I get notifications on my phone and computer when something is nearly due to be completed then I also have a Slack integration which is an instant messaging app so that I can message team members directly whenever I need to.

Lifetick – If you want a very in-depth goal setting software, this is it. It helps you traverse the four important areas where you should be setting goals and then view how they overlap and work with each other. This software helps you define your core values and develop S.M.A.R.T. goals as well as track everything.

GoalsOnTrack – This software is a lot like Lifetick but has features that help you ìchunk downî any goal into reasonable and easy-to-follow steps. Their whole idea is that you want to do less but get more. This softwareís features encompass the 80/20 rule and puts it to work for goal setting and achieving.

Goalscape – If you like to visualize your goals in pictures, charts, and graphs then you might like Goalscape. Youíll create a kind of wheel with your goal in the middle and everything you need to do to reach the goal will circle it. So you can see it in one glance.

Smart Goals Templates – If you prefer templates to apps, these downloads are perfect. You can get them for free and use the goal setting templates and fill in the blanks for your goals. They will help you go over the various goals setting steps needed to achieve results in both your personal life and career and business life.


Whichever type of software (if any) you feel you need to use for goal setting and goal realization is up to you. The important thing is that you visualize the results of any goal, write it out, and then take steps toward achieving the goal.

4 Planners to keep you and your business organised

4 Planners to keep you and your business organised

Being organised means that we can accomplish so much more than when we just go with the flow. Having a planner changed the way I do organise everything both in business and in my personal life. So, as there are so many on the market these days, I decided to put this post together to make picking one a lot easier.

I really do recommend that you choose wisely and take my number one tip on board before you buy: organise your mind. By that I mean figure out what exactly it is that you need to organise.

Once you have sussed that out, you can move on to finding out which planning system works best for you. If you have a job and are running a creative business, not to mention all of the family events that you may need to keep track of, you absolutely need to avoid getting into a tangle of tasks and one of the best ways to this is a planner – that way it is all in one place. TIP: A good incentive for using a planner is buying an expensive one, that way you will feel like there is no escape from staying organised!


#1. The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley:

As a married, busy mother of three little kids with business to manage, Emily Ley got the idea of a planner from her own need to manage her day well. With this planner, she wanted to help others like her get their work done alongside their other responsibilities. This planner has a daily and monthly layout. The daily pages give you space to fill in the day by half-hour intervals and make notes on the side of the page (perfect for writing lists) Get hold of your here.

This planner comes in at $58.


#2. Erin Condren LifePlanner: 

  • Allows personalization using colour coding
  • A weekly layout plus a monthly calendar to fill.
  • Space on the side for weekly notes and goals.
  • A section at the bottom for meals
  • It comes with a ruler/bookmark, personalised gift tags, play date cards at the back.

This planner comes in 2 different layouts; vertical or horizontal. This planner is super versatile as you have the option to clip in extra pages. The Erin Condren has a monthly and a weekly view which means you can plan well in advance and make sure you are doing them in the right order. If you are interested in the Erin Condren Life Planner, you can use my referral link to grab yourself $10 off your first order! These planners start at $50.   A great alternative to the Life Planner is the Create 365 Happy Planner from Me and my Big Ideas.


#3. Passion Planner:

The Passion Planner aims to help you break down your goals and create steps that fit into your daily life to make your goals actionable. At the end of each month, there is a section which asks you questions that help reflect on the progress of your goals. This planner provides you with a weekly view with time slots so that you can really plan your day in a very detailed way as well as monthly and annual views. To get hold of your own Passion Planner and stay focused on your day check out the website here.


#4. Bullet Journal:

The Bullet Journal is a customizable analogue system designed by Ryder Carroll. This system is an awesome way to keep a log of your tasks in a very simple and super effective way. Watch the video below to find out more about how this system works.

Get your own Bullet Journal here.


If you don’t feel like any of the above planners will work for your schedule, you could create your own planner so that you can really customise it to suits your needs.

Here is a little insight into how I stayed organised and on top of my tasks:

  • Erin Condren Life Planner for day to day tasks and planning months ahead for both personal and business.
  • One notebook for random ideas that come to me.
  • One notebook for blog post ideas.
  • One notebook for taking notes from my business mentor.
  • One notebook that I use solely for learning new things.
  • Folders for each big project that I am working on.

It may sound like a lot of notebooks, but seriously if I didn’t have these, I would not be on top on anything. If you want to run a business, you have to be super organised so go out there and grab yourself a planner.

If you have any planner recommendations or other any great ways to stay organised drop them in the comments.