Pinterest Image Dimensions

Pinterest Image Dimensions

What are the ideal dimensions for making your Pinterest account look awesome? I put this little cheat sheet together to help you get your Pinterest looking perfect.

The Creative Business Support Hub

The Creative Business Support Hub

We have just opened up brand new Facebook group solely for creative businesses. We would love to invite you to join us!

It does not matter what area of creativity your business falls into. Creativity is creativity, right, so whether you are an artist, writer, web developer, bakery owner or whatever come over and join us!

Group Hashtags:

Use the below hashtags when you want to share something in the group. There is no specific day that you need to use these (except #MotivationMonday, of course)

Show us what you are planning or working on this week.

Share a blog that you recently read and loved that you think will inspire the rest of the group.

Got something to celebrate? Go ahead and tell the group so we can celebrate with you.

Use this hashtag when you could do with some support from the rest of the group. This can be anything from a new idea, a new design, to branding your business, copywriting, marketing or website design.

Learnt something new that you think would benefit the group? Share your thoughts and ideas with us.

See you there, creative entrepreneur! [Click the image below to join]


Golden Pinterest Tips

Golden Pinterest Tips

Pinterest may be one of those social media platforms that you log into now and again but actually, it is one of the places that really should be utilised by you as a creative business.

I have put together our top Pinterest Tips for creatives. If you utilise these tips and continue to contribute to this platform I promise that you will start seeing great results with your Pinterest account.

1. Branding – Be consistent

2. Make sure your website is optimised for Pinterest

3. Create boards that inspire and mix in your own work with repins.

4. Follow people who inspire you – Don’t follow people for the sake of having a follow back. Dwelling on numbers is a waste of time and really it does not matter – You want your work to speak for itself.

5. Make sure the interests section is cleaned up – When you sign up for Pinterest you will find that Pinterest asks you to choose some interests and you probably picked personal interests such as cooking or makeup. In this section, we need to remember to be professional so that when you are looking through the home page you don’t get distracted by these interests. Also, your followers will be able to see what kind of things you are genuinely interested in with regards to business – Your personal interest in a celebrity or cooking and baking doesn’t compliment your own work unless of course, you are drawing inspiration from these interests.

6. Design tall pins – For example: Create a long image that shows a WIP (Work in Progress) and feature the finished piece as the last image or you could share a series of illustrations.

7. Collaborate with others. i.e. Find someone who complements what you do, message them and see if they would be interested in collaborating on a board together.

8. Always link your own pins back to your website.

9. Monitor pins from your own website – It is great to know who is enjoying your work.

10. Do not dwell on stats too much – Followers to Following Ratio is not important as long your followers enjoy what you do and have the same interests as you.

11. Space your pins out through the day – It is better not to log in once in a blue moon and pin lots of images all in one go.


Your Challenge:

Choose 3 things to implement over the next week and work toward building a consistent Pinterest presence.

The BEST tools for organising Social Media Accounts – 2014 Edition

The BEST tools for organising Social Media Accounts – 2014 Edition

There are so many tools across the web which are created to lend a helping hand when it comes to social media so we thought you would be interested in finding out what we think the best ones are. Here is a list of our favourite tools for organising social media accounts as tried and tested by my social media team and myself.


1. Manage Flitter

You can track keywords, find out who has the highest spam scores and unfollow them to protect your own account, find out when the best time for you to tweet is as well as schedule posts for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Alongside cleaning up your Twitter account and unfollowing people, you can even see when they last tweeted, how often they tweet and whether they followed you first as well as their bio so you can check if you are following the people you actually have an interest in. Find out who your most influential followers are and who are the most talkative with the click of a button. Filter out the people you are following who does not tweet in your native language (for us this part isn’t applicable because you don’t need words to speak art 😉 )


2. Twit List Manager


It may not look like much but Twit List Manager is one of the top Twitter list managers out there. If you want to organise all of the people you follow into different lists this tool is perfect. However if you want to sort through specific followers then we suggest that you use Tweet Be. You can search the people you follow by keywords contained found in their bio for example. Pretty cool right? |


3. Sway

If you are looking for some interesting content to share on your via media accounts then this is the place for you to find it. Add keywords to your Sway dashboard and share related content with your Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin communities.


4. Tagboard

Bring your hashtag to life by creating a feed from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Vimeo and Google Plus. You can create one free board with Tagboard but if you upgrade to pro you can create many more boards and also monitor your stats. Awesome? Yes we think so too!

5. teamed up with Buffer

We recently started using, and we absolutely love it so far. It is aimed at Twitter, so if you want to grow this social network, this is the perfect tool for it.

When we first signed up one of the first things we discovered was that the normal Twitter feed wasn’t showing us who was interacting with us and we were completely missing out on some of the good stuff!

Buffer can be teamed up with and is great for scheduling tweets. With this app we find ourselves getting very tweet-happy and tweeting out far too many tweets all at once so if you use it make sure you pace your tweets and not ping them out all at once otherwise you might find yourself on Twitter all day and end up with an overly spammy looking feed. If you are like me and you get bored really fast and I will just start scrolling over. The main reason for this is that all the tweets just merge into one big tweet. I miss the messages behind the tweet, then just get scared and do a runner!

If you are starting out we don’t recommend that you sign up for the paid version until you feel ready to really go for it with your business. | Buffer

I hope you enjoyed this little list of our favourite tools for organising social media accounts. We will add new posts as we discover more interesting apps that we think can you should try out for your creative business.


How to Get The Most Out of Pinterest at Christmas

How to Get The Most Out of Pinterest at Christmas

10 Tips for the promotion of your business & your Christmas products on the run-up to Christmas.

#1 – Most importantly, ensure you have linked your Pinterest images with your website, Twitter or Facebook page. The success of Pinterest is that potential customers from all over the country and world are led to your buy your products with one click of a button!

#2 – Ensure that the website/Facebook page/Twitter page you are sending your Pinterest followers to contains all the relevant information to ensure you make buying as easy as possible for your customers.

#3 – Leading on from this, ensure all of your images (pins) have an accurate and detailed description including the price, P&P details, and how and if they can be personalised.

#4 – Ensure you have an accurate and interesting Pinterest bio and profile photo to encourage users to follow you.

#5 – Organise your boards and ensure each board is labelled correctly – you want your potential customers to know straight away which boards are YOUR products and if and how they are available to buy.

#6 – Split your boards into categories to ensure your Pinterest page is easy to buy from and accessible to browse.

#7 – Change the cover photo of each board to ensure your best selling product attracts followers to your boards.

#8 – Engage and connect with other users by following their boards and pinning one or two of their pictures on to your boards such as your ‘Things I love board’.

#9 – As with Twitter, the best way to thank someone for repining one of your images is to repin one of theirs. By organising your boards, as suggested below, you have the potential to do this without confusing your customers.

#10 – A great way to start your Pinterest page is to have boards displaying your items (as many as you like and need), a ‘Things I love Board’, ‘My Facebook page’ board where you can post pictures/information of giveaways and celebrations and ‘My Facebook and Twitter connections’ board to once again engage and connect with your audience.   If you would like to know more about Introtweet head on over to the website, perhaps we can help you make a success of Social Media this Christmas!

Happy Pinning!


Laura Brown

Owner, Introtweet

I am a qualified Secondary School Music Teacher turned Owner of Introtweet - a Social Media company set up to help businesses maximise the potential of Social Media for their business I have very successfully worked with a number of clients, ranging from Handmade Retail companies to printing services & pet groomers. All services have seen great results and an amazing increase in my clients Social Media presence & knowledge. Click here to visit Laura's website.