Pinterest may be one of those social media platforms that you log into now and again but actually, it is one of the places that really should be utilised by you as a creative business.

I have put together our top Pinterest Tips for creatives. If you utilise these tips and continue to contribute to this platform I promise that you will start seeing great results with your Pinterest account.

1. Branding – Be consistent

2. Make sure your website is optimised for Pinterest

3. Create boards that inspire and mix in your own work with repins.

4. Follow people who inspire you – Don’t follow people for the sake of having a follow back. Dwelling on numbers is a waste of time and really it does not matter – You want your work to speak for itself.

5. Make sure the interests section is cleaned up – When you sign up for Pinterest you will find that Pinterest asks you to choose some interests and you probably picked personal interests such as cooking or makeup. In this section, we need to remember to be professional so that when you are looking through the home page you don’t get distracted by these interests. Also, your followers will be able to see what kind of things you are genuinely interested in with regards to business – Your personal interest in a celebrity or cooking and baking doesn’t compliment your own work unless of course, you are drawing inspiration from these interests.

6. Design tall pins – For example: Create a long image that shows a WIP (Work in Progress) and feature the finished piece as the last image or you could share a series of illustrations.

7. Collaborate with others. i.e. Find someone who complements what you do, message them and see if they would be interested in collaborating on a board together.

8. Always link your own pins back to your website.

9. Monitor pins from your own website – It is great to know who is enjoying your work.

10. Do not dwell on stats too much – Followers to Following Ratio is not important as long your followers enjoy what you do and have the same interests as you.

11. Space your pins out through the day – It is better not to log in once in a blue moon and pin lots of images all in one go.


Your Challenge:

Choose 3 things to implement over the next week and work toward building a consistent Pinterest presence.


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