There are so many tools across the web which are created to lend a helping hand when it comes to social media so we thought you would be interested in finding out what we think the best ones are. Here is a list of our favourite tools for organising social media accounts as tried and tested by my social media team and myself.


1. Manage Flitter

You can track keywords, find out who has the highest spam scores and unfollow them to protect your own account, find out when the best time for you to tweet is as well as schedule posts for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Alongside cleaning up your Twitter account and unfollowing people, you can even see when they last tweeted, how often they tweet and whether they followed you first as well as their bio so you can check if you are following the people you actually have an interest in. Find out who your most influential followers are and who are the most talkative with the click of a button. Filter out the people you are following who does not tweet in your native language (for us this part isn’t applicable because you don’t need words to speak art 😉 )


2. Twit List Manager


It may not look like much but Twit List Manager is one of the top Twitter list managers out there. If you want to organise all of the people you follow into different lists this tool is perfect. However if you want to sort through specific followers then we suggest that you use Tweet Be. You can search the people you follow by keywords contained found in their bio for example. Pretty cool right? |


3. Sway

If you are looking for some interesting content to share on your media accounts then this is the place for you to find it. Add keywords to your Sway dashboard and share related content with your Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin communities.


4. Tagboard

Bring your hashtag to life by creating a feed from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Vimeo and Google Plus. You can create one free board with Tagboard but if you upgrade to pro you can create many more boards and also monitor your stats. Awesome? Yes we think so too!

5. teamed up with Buffer

We recently started using, and we absolutely love it so far. It is aimed at Twitter, so if you want to grow this social network, this is the perfect tool for it.

When we first signed up one of the first things we discovered was that the normal Twitter feed wasn’t showing us who was interacting with us and we were completely missing out on some of the good stuff!

Buffer can be teamed up with and is great for scheduling tweets. With this app we find ourselves getting very tweet-happy and tweeting out far too many tweets all at once so if you use it make sure you pace your tweets and not ping them out all at once otherwise you might find yourself on Twitter all day and end up with an overly spammy looking feed. If you are like me and you get bored really fast and I will just start scrolling over. The main reason for this is that all the tweets just merge into one big tweet. I miss the messages behind the tweet, then just get scared and do a runner!

If you are starting out we don’t recommend that you sign up for the paid version until you feel ready to really go for it with your business. | Buffer

I hope you enjoyed this little list of our favourite tools for organising social media accounts. We will add new posts as we discover more interesting apps that we think can you should try out for your creative business.



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